Laser engraving module LES8000

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  • Matica's advanced technology brings the unprecedented quality and power of industrial laser engraving to the desktop in a stand-alone system. Compact, light (less than 32 kg), scalable and capable of multiple card handling.

    In a world that needs protecting more than ever, Matica's LES8000 laser engraving system targets professionals responsible for safeguarding national identity management. Designed to support government departments that manage in-branch or in-bureau card issuance, the LES8000 is the perfect fit for applications such as drivers' licenses, national IDs, visas and vehicle registration cards.

    The LES8000 allows parallel processing for maximized throughput: feeder-encoder and/or barcode reading, laser engraving and single or dual lamination. Multiple feeders allow several types of cards to be managed in one production line. The modular system can add up to four Feeder Encoding Modules (FEM), increasing the capacity of card stock from 350 to 1,400 cards without interrupting production. This makes it one of the fastest solutions on the market and a persuasive return on investment.

    Service bureaus and national authorities will thank you for the introduction to a fully automated, personalized process but there's more. Compared to a central issuance system, the LES8000 is a very compact, a real desktop solution. Its modularity makes it is easy to swap service for various card jobs allowing new jobs and card types to be added over time. The LES8000 laser module offers additional security options, such as microtext, tactile and non¬tactile engraving and changeable / multiple laser image (CLI/MLI).

    Amazingly, it's a one-stop-shop thanks to its single wire IP connectivity and the IPSC Secure Controller so it's easy to install and operate - no integration challenges. The solution's own security features include various physical and electronic locks to prevent unauthorized access.

    Technical specifications

    • Print method
      • Laser engraving:
        • Source: DPSS (Diode Pumped Solid State) laser;
        • Power: 6W pulse +/- 5%.
    • Print mode
      • Dual-sided.
    • Print resolution
      • 600 dpi to 1,600 dpi. High quality gray scale for ID pictures.
    • Throughput
      • 120 cph considering average ID card variable information (assuming mag encoding -5sec.- and smart card encoding -15 sec.- executed in parallel).
    • Encoding options
      • Magnetic ISO 3-tracks encoder (up to one unit per FEM);
      • Chip contact and contactless dual encoder & contact station, (up to one unit per FEM):
        • Mifare/DesFire and ISO 7816;
        • Open for 3rd party encoder integration upon request (USB port).
    • Card Types
      • Plastic, Polycarbonate, PVC-L, PVH, ABS, PET, PETix ISO CR80, ISO 7810 (53,98 x 85,60 mm) (3.370'' x 2.125'').
    • Card Hoppers
      • Feeder Encoding Module (FEM):
        • Input hopper: 1 x 350 cards;
        • Exception feeder: 1 card;
        • Reject tray: 10 cards;
      • Laser engraving module (LEU):
        • Reject tray: 10 cards;
      • Concealed output hopper: 50 cards;
      • Up to 4 FEMs (350 cards each) for a total autonomy of 1,400 cards (Optional).
    • Connectivity
      • IP connectivity, single wire through on-board PC.
    • Laser security options (prior project study)
      • CLI / MLI engraving;
      • Offset registration;
      • MRZ reading;
      • Vacuum system.
    • Other security options
      • Lamination single / dual side (ILM-LS / ILM-DS).
    • Optical reader options 1D/2D barcode
      • Digital camera for OCR recognition.
    • Software
      • Matica Desktop Suite middleware.
    • Printer dimensions (D x W x H)
      • 432 x 430 x 515 mm (17.00” x 16.93” x 20.28”).
    • Weight
      • Approx 32 kg (70 lbs).
    • Warranty
      • Laser unit: 24 months Laser diode: 24 months.
  • Resolution
    600 dpi
    Encoding support
    Contactless chip, Magnetic stripe
    Print speed
    120 cph