Printer Matica S5200G

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  • The S5200G is a fast mid-volume professional printer, capable of printing up to 2,400 cards per hour in monochrome, dual sided and color print. Designed to provide consistent performance with high quality print results it is a powerful yet affordable issuance solution. S5200G is ideal for the issuance of mid-volume batches for access control, membership, employee ID, financial and loyalty cards. It can be used as stand-alone station or complementary unit into larger systems.

    Mass printing on the desktop

    S5200G is specifically designed for high speed heavy duty printing with large volume batches of single or dual sided monochrome or color cards, and when encoding is required. With thermal transfer monochrome as well as near edge-to-edge color dye sublimation printing capabilities, the S5200G is suitable for issuance needs of access control, health care, loyalty and financial cards. The rugged construction of the system offers reliability and comes with long lasting supplies. Combined with high capacity feeders, it allows for unattended operations that are unique in its category making it the perfect bureau instant issuance solution.

    High printing autonomy & user friendly interface

    High capacity input and output hoppers, as well as special high capacity ribbons reduce operator intervention for card and ribbon replacement during high volume printing jobs. In addition, S5200G offers the ability of switching to color printing by the simple replacement of the ribbons. Using a proprietary engine developed for industrial applications, this system ensures stable printing results time after time, making it affordable and efficient to mass print photos, logos, and barcodes and near edge-to-edge card designs. The AdvanceClean® card cleaning system, which combines a cleaning tape and a cleaning roller, ensures dust-free cards and helps maximize the lifetime of the print head.

    Versatile encoding options

    S5200G offers the flexibility to meet almost any commercial protocol through the full encoding module. In today's challenging demand to meet various chip capabilities the system offers flexible options to meet complex coding specifications which save production time in the card programming process and improve efficiency.

    Maticardpro software

    MaticardPro, is Matica Windows-based card design software, providing an efficient and user-friendly interface between the operator and the system. MaticardPro features a card layout editor with card management and production capabilities, all in a single integrated package that is at the same time versatile in its functions and easy to use for production staff. MaticardPro is PCI/DSS compliant.

    Technical specifications

    • Productivity
      • Monochrome:
        • Single-side: 2,400 cph on 10 mm, 1,200 cph on 70 mm;
        • Dual-side: 850 cph on 10 mm, 450 cph on 70 mm;
      • Color:
        • Near edge-to-edge up to 145 cph;
      • Recommended operating time: 8 hours / day.
    • Base Machine
      • 600 Card feeder station + 600 card stacker station with reject card tray;
      • Single S1 high-speed printer;
      • Flip-over for dual-side printing;
      • Dual side cleaning station.
    • Options
      • Magnetic stripe encoding: 3-track ISO HiCo / LoCo, JIS2;
      • Single or Multiple smart card encoding station.
    • Consumables
      • Black monochrome: up to 11,200 prints per roll;
      • Silver, gold: up to 5,200 prints per roll, other colors upon request;
      • KO: 2,300 images per roll;
      • YMCKO: 1,000 images per roll;
      • YMCKOK: 800 images per roll;
      • Half-panel YMCKO: 1,400 images per roll, recommended for ID picture printing.
    • Software
      • MaticardPro card production software;
      • Diagnostic tool and setup;
      • Smart card SDK;
      • Supported OS: Windows 7/8 based software included.
    • Communication Interface
      • USB 2.0.
    • Dimensions & Weight
      • L x W x H: 1,050 x 550 x 700 mm (41" x 22'' x 28'');
      • Weight: 40 kg.
    • Electrical Requirements
      • Power supply: 100 to 240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 300W.
  • Resolution
    300 dpi
    Encoding support
    Contactless chip, Magnetic stripe
    Dye sublimation, Thermal Transfer
    Print speed
    2400 cph