Card Laser Issuance System S6200LX

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  • Specifically designed for cost-conscious card personalization centers and financial institutions for mid-volume centralized card issuance programs, the S6200LX is a pre-configured high performance personalization platform with laser engraving that ensures high quality card production.

    Fast and affordable engraving

    The S6200LX is the perfect solution for the distribution of high security ID cards and all types of financial card issuance at the production volume of up to 2.000 cards per hour.

    State of the art laser technology

    The S6200 embeds the latest available solutions for engraving of multi-material cards and reflects a new generation of laser modules developed by Matica®, the LX family. The whole system is designed to optimize the performances required for card personalization: laser source, scanning head and the programming software. The wide frequency and efficiency of the laser allows fulfilling with any industrial card personalization application in terms of quality, stability and reliability. High speed printing and lamination modules can be added as options to offer the perfect solution for color secure ID cards such as National ID, driving licenses and other government solutions.

    Innovative card handling

    To properly support the enhanced engraving capabilities, the card handling introduces a new finger loader to avoid scratches in the production process. Coupled with a newly developed ultra-fast flipper, the system works without motion components and flips the card in less time than the blink of an eye.

    Robust and reliable

    This proprietary system is designed to meet the specific needs of mid-volume issuers. It combines consistent, reliable throughput together with high production quality and secure card data integrity. The S6200LX comes with a cabinet with storage capacity for cards and consumables, as well as a support for an external monitor and keyboard.

    Scalable solution

    The S6200LX is a configuration that can operate in full autonomy or can upgrade into a platform with up to 5 modules. It can be linked with an inline card mailing system for a complete card-to-envelope solution. The system is flexible to upgrade to a S7000 high-volume issuance system for more demanding production environments.

    Technical specifications

    • Productivity
      • Laser marking: up to 2.000 cards per hour;
      • Recommended operating time: up to 16 hours a day.
    • Base Machine
      • Single card feeder 600 cards;
      • Single card stacker 600 cards with reject card tray;
      • LX Laser station;
      • Open frame transport for dual side marking.
    • Options
      • Laser marking: card positioning kit;
      • Pro issuance kit (key locked cabinet, stack light, data encryption);
      • Magnetic stripe encoding;
      • Single or multi smart card encoding station;
      • S1 High-speed printer;
      • Smart secure laminator;
      • Graphical personalization integrity verification;
      • Inline card mailing;
      • Card folding and envelope insertion;
      • Base machine options limited to 5 cabinets.
    • Laser Specifications
      • 20W Fiber laser;
      • Protected marking chamber with inspection window;
      • Optional card positioning kit;
    • Consumables
      • Black monochrome ribbon: up to 11.200 cards per roll (45 mm length per card);
      • 5-panel YMCKO color ribbon: 1.000 cards per roll;
      • 6-panel YMCKOK color ribbon: 800 cards per roll;
      • Half-panel YMCKO color ribbon (especially for photo): 1.400 cards per roll;
      • Other monochrome ribbons available on request.
    • Software
      • MaticardPro Windows 7/8 based software included;
      • Laser marking software for laser layout creation;
      • Diagnostic and setup software included;
      • Smart card SDK optional.
    • Communication Interface
      • Ethernet.
    • Dimensions
      • L x W x H: 1,190 to 2,180 x 550 x 1,400 mm (47" x 86" x 55").
    • Electrical Requirements
      • Auto-switching internal power supply;
      • Input 100-240 volts AC, 50-60 Hz - 1200W;
      • Interchangeable external power cord.
    • Operating Temperature
      • 15° / 30 °C (59° / 86 °F).